Program Introduction

1.      Program Introduction

(1)   Program History

National Chi Nan University is located in Puli, central Taiwan. Surrounded with multiple tourist spots and natural ecology, Puli has attracted cultural workers, educators and intellectuals from all places to take up residence in during the early days. In 1995, National Chi Nan University was officially set up in Taomi Village, Puli Town, expecting to integrate resources, and bring up broad-minded, sincere, outstanding people. In the initial stage, “enriching intrinsic virtue” had been set as one of the developing goals of National Chi Nan University. When recruiting students, National Chi Nan University enroll superior students from various countries in Asia to bring more culture and energy into the campus, which also resulted in unique courses that enhance the abundance of students’ campus lives.

In accordance with the need of qualified personnel of the six emerging industries in Taiwan, National Chi Nan University integrated the existing qualification of teachers in each department of the College of Management, and gained permission to form the Doctoral Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries in the 2013 academic year. Four doctoral students were enrolled in the program in the first year. In the 2014 academic year, the program was combined into the doctoral courses of the Department of International Business Studies, classifying into two groups for recruitment: The Emerging Industries Studies group and the Emerging Industries Trend Strategies Group. In the 2015 academic year, nine doctoral students were enrolled in. In the 2016 academic year were five recommended students, including four applicants who registered early in February. Twenty-six students are currently engaged in. Coordinating with the industry development needs and policies of the government, National Chi Nan University aims to bring up graduates with broad-visions and profound theoretical foundations, who could immediately devote efforts to careers, and are capable to take the positions of executive managers in the field of emerging industries.


2.      Program Development

The developing direction of this program is based on the developing strategy of the entire country, in order to respond to the six emerging industries of country development. Combining professional qualifications of teachers in the College of Management, it is set for bringing up managing personnel with high professional qualities for emerging industries. To keep the med-term and long-term plans of the College of Management and the school in progress, and also to connect to the emerging development of the country, the Doctoral Program in Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries is applied to be formed. It is also the school’s platform for industry-academy cooperation.

(1)   The educational goals of the Doctoral Program are as followings:

i.        Bringing up excelled executive managing personnel

ii.       Strengthening innovation abilities of industries

iii.     Promoting academic research abilities of students


(2)   The core abilities of the Doctoral Program are as followings:

i.        Innovation and problem-solving abilities

ii.       Professional and leadership abilities

iii.     Integration and analyzation abilities

iv.     Academic ethics and integrity abilities

v.       International vision and trend hunting abilities


3.      Educational purpose and targeted features

(1)    Courses are designed to be distributed in order to offer students multiple choices

The course structure of the program includes 3 common subjects, 9 credits; 3 group required subjects, 9 credits; 10 group elective subjects, students are allowed to choose to take 6 subjects, 18 credits. Students in the program willing to get involved in academic research are suggested to apply for the research group, those who are willing to get involved in industrial R&D are suggested to apply for the strategy group.

(2) Part of the full-time and part-time lecturers possess the background of executive managers in public and private companies

Professor Ji-Shin Sher, President of Corporate Synergy Development Center, is invited to be the lecturer of the required course “Strategic Theory”. Professor Chen-Liang Chen of Department of Economies, former committee chairperson of National Development Council, is invited to be the lecturer of the strategy group required course “Industrial Economics”. Professor

4.      Career directions

The target of enrollment of the Doctoral Program are full-time or part-time students with master degree or education equivalency. Because emerging industries include massive contents, there is no certain restrictions to the education background of students who enroll in the program, but mainly focuses on tourism and leisure, biomedical service, cultural and creative industries managing to bring up students to take the positions of executive managers in related corporations of emerging industries; or become industry strategy analysts in government branches or teaching and doing research work in the academic field.