Notification for Stamping of Student ID Cards for Old Students

◎The registration team will start accepting student ID cards stamped with the registration seal of the semester from September 13th (Tuesday), but the registration team must confirm that the payment of fees or the student loan (including the balance) has been completed. chapter. (If you have not completed the payment or completed the student loan, please do not submit the documents) 
◎ To speed up the work, please cooperate with the following procedures:
1. Delivery method: After the class has collected it, please arrange it in the order of the student number, and send it to the registration group for stamping. If it cannot be collected at one time, it can be sent 2~3 times. If there is no class representative for the master or doctoral class or the extended life, a representative can be recommended to send the documents.
2. Homework time: delivery today, pick up after 3 pm on the next working day.
3. Special attention: Credit card or convenience store payment: If you pay by credit card or at a convenience store, it will take about 5 working days to enter the account. Please work in advance, and then the payment record can be checked from the system.
Students applying for school loans: You need to complete the online login of the school’s school loan, return the loan application form to the Student Auxiliary Group before September 12 (including the day), and make up the balance of the loan.
◎Other important reminders:
1. Proof of studying in Chinese: A photocopy of the student ID card with the registration seal for the current semester is proof of studying in Chinese.
2. The school is equipped with automatic payment machines and transcript printers in front of the elevator on the first floor of the administration building and at the entrance of the library on the first floor. If you need Chinese transcripts, you can get them from the next printer immediately after paying the fee at the automatic payment machine; if you need English transcripts, after paying the fee at the automatic payment machine, please take the receipt to the registration team to fill in the application form, and go to work next time Pick up after 3 pm today.
Registration Section of the Academic Affairs Office